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“Denton has been in need of this type of car wash for years. The Wash Factory has filled the gap between higher priced "typical" car washes and the gas station "ride throughs". Lines are very quick, facilities are top notch and our vehicles leave looking brand new. The only thing we could ask for is...when can we have one of these on the north side of town!! ”

“My family went when this location first opened and the first time my kids were scared as we have never done a drive through car wash with the little ones before. NOW everytime we are near Lowes or Wal-Mart in Denton THEY KNOW it is just around the corner and the ask "Can we go to the Car Wash" and they want to sit in the front seat. My Son also LOVES the super high powered vaccums (my Daughter not so much - the still scare her). All in all a GREAT place and a GREAT value. Will continue to go their. ”

“This is the best car wash in Denton. The customer service was also astounding. They have the strongest vacuums too.”

“The best car wash in denton always! You did a great job! Thanks”

“The ride thru wash is good, but I love the free vacuums and the mat cleaner. And you can pay using your credit/debit card!”