About the Wash Factory

The Wash Factory was started at 30,000 feet, as I discovered my calling was not being on a first name basis with airport security and the American Airlines Flight Attendants. As a consumer I washed my car more than most, and I couldn’t believe as I traveled in the upper Midwest and Northeast that you could wash your car for $3. Imagine the looks I received as I washed my rental car sometimes 2 and 3 times trying to understand how the car wash was getting really clean for such a great value.

I visited over 75 washes to fine tune what people desired about the ride-thru car wash. It was Simple: $3 Car Wash, FREE Vacuums All Day Every Day, and a Clean Shiny Dry Car. The Wash Factory is a concept I spent 3 years developing before deciding to build The Wash Factory Car Wash in Denton, Texas. I am a University of North Texas alumnus, and knew people in Denton were paying too much to wash their cars.

We Are Environmentally Friendly

Feel good about using The Wash Factory



of the


used during our wash process & use only safe, biodegradable solutions.


you wash your car at The Wash Factory you save



of fresh water.

Our Secret


"The importance I place on my team’s chemistry to provide you a customer experience that you will tell your friends about. The second part of chemistry is the technology and products we use to get your automobile that Driveway Shine in 5 Minutes Time. I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for your Business."

Brad Mann - The Wash Factory Car Wash